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Meiduo Mould
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Company Intro

ZheJiang TaiZhou MeiDuo Mould Co., LTD, which is a national high and new technology enterprises, has undertaken “National Torch plan project—precision injection mold with 2nd ejection for car door panel”. and it’s founded in 1980s, is a professional manufacturer in injection moulds, making moulds for air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing machine and other white appliances, high-end office supplies, automobile’s inner/outer decoration parts, fittings, etc. Meiduo has an annual production value of over ¥140 million RMB and a population of more than 300, with a land area of 17800m2 and building area of 13600m2.

For better service market, in 2007, Meiduo Branch in Xiaoshan (in Zhejiang Province) is expanded into Hangzhou KaiMei Plastic Mould Company with annual production value of over ¥150 million RMB.

A series of advanced mould processing machines (more than 100 sets), a complete set of CAD/CAE/CAM software systems, and a group of technical personnel with rich experience and professional knowledge, the perfect integration constitutes Meiduo’s core competitiveness.

With the continuous efforts, Meiduo has been extensively recognized by famous companies both at home and abroad, such as VOLKSWAGEN, GM, PANASONIC, COBO SPA, NTC, VIDEOCON, LG, SNOWA, HAIER, HISENSE, CHANGHONG, AUX etc. Meiduo is conferred honorary tiles of “First-batch of 50 Chinese Large-size Injection-Mould Key Enterprises”, “Zhejiang Province Science and Technology Enterprise”, “Taizhou City Civilized Organization”, “Taizhou City Famous Brand” etc.

Good quality is the soul of Meiduo; providing good service to customers is Meiduo’s purpose. Under the enterprise spirit of “Seeking Excellence; Endeavour for Innovation; Working Shoulder to Shoulder; to Create a Brilliant Future”, Meiduo would like to join hands with all friends from different fields.

管理層 Management 27人
財務及行政 Finance and Administration 11人
銷售及售后 Sales and Services 16人
技術與開發 Technology Development 91人
品質保證 Quality Control 13人
生產與制造 Manufacturing and Producing 148人


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Meiduo Mould
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